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2006 Published Articles

“The Whistle that Didn’t Blow”

By: Richard S. Rosenberg From: California CEO Q4 2006

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“Knowing the Rules about Hiring Illegal Immigrants”

Companies Can Avoid Trouble by Following Steps

By: Richard S. Rosenberg From: San Fernando Valley Business Journal December 4-17, 2006 Volume 11, Number 25

In the midst over the Congressional debate over immigration reform, the federal government has announced its intention to crack down on employers who hire illegal aliens – bad news for countless numbers of California employers.

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“You Are What You Do”

The New Regulatory Threat to Franchising

By: Barry Kurtz and Richard S. Rosenberg From: Franchise Update Issue II, 2006

State regulators across the country are out the blur the distinction between franchisors and employers.

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“Employers Must Handle Issues Before Unions Do”

By: Kenneth R. Ballard and Matthew T. Wakefield From:Hotel & Motel Management January 9, 2006

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